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Project B2: Low-temperature thermochronology, uplift and denudation history of the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda

The aim of the project is to quantify the thermal, uplift and denudation history of the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda. The Rwenzori Mountains are a key area for rift-flank uplift in the East African Rift. Because of their significant height of about 5000 m the Rwenzori Mountains influence regional atmospheric circulation and thereby have a significant impact on the climate in central Africa. The project will combine the results of apatite fission-track and apatite (U-Th)/He thermochronology to establish the thermal, uplift and denudation history of this region. In part, this aim will be achieved by 2-D and 3-D thermokinematic modelling, integrating surface processes by using/customizing existing computer codes. Testing model solutions (i.e., predictions) obtained for the multidimensional parameter space (thermal parameters, uplift-, erosion rate, tectonic boundaries/relative movements) against the real thermochronolgical data set, the most likely combinations of parameter values can be constrained. Most relevant deliverables for RiftLink will be the (i) timing of onset of rapid uplift and (ii) spatial and temporal evolution of uplift and denudation rates.


Project members:

PD Dr. U.A. Glasmacher
Prof. Dr. T. Bechstädt
Dr. F. Bauer
Dr. A. Förster

Contact information available via Team

RiftLink Theme B Project B1
  RiftLink Theme B Project B1